Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Again

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

As much as we love living in Virginia, our family is in Boston so we have decided to move back there. I’m not looking forward to the winters but now that we are getting older, my husband and I miss being close to family. We have been working towards this move for over six months. First we had to find jobs. Then we had to a place to live. Now that we have done both it’s time to physically pick up and go. In preparation for the move, I began searching online for all the utilities we will need to set up a while back, including home security Mass for a home alarm system. I have it scheduled to be installed the day we move in. I’ve also lined up the gas, electricity and water. They are all scheduled to be turned on before we move in so I can go ahead of time and get the house in order before our stuff arrives. I scheduled the cable and internet to be turned on a week after we move in. I figured we did not need the distraction while we are unpacking!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Christmas Lights, a whiff of fresh pine from the tree, captivating heart stirring music with whimsical memories of Christmas's gone by, special gatherings with my family and friends, once-a-year luscious sweets that delight the taste buds with memories; these are a few of my favorite Christmas things.

Buying presents - not so much! I always want to buy the perfect gift for each person. It's hard to know what is perfect for some people. I usually strive for unique one of a kind gifts and I almost always hit it right after hours of shopping and analyzing. This process usually weighs me down at the start of the season. The choices and decisions can be cumbersome at best.

I have found that shopping at little known and one-of-a-kind shops online has given me inspiration and lightened the load tremendously. Some shops are filled with surprises and choices I would never think of on my own. It is really quite fun to discover new treasures online.

For those closest to me the shopping get's easier. I often know ahead of time how to pick out the perfect for my loved ones. Slippers are always the perfect gift for my mother. She gets a new pair of slippers from me every year. As she picks up my present I glance at her feet and notice the well worn shabby duo she displays. Oftentimes her big toe is sticking out of at least one. As she unwraps my present she gets so excited to see what type of slippers I chose for her this Christmas. I mean, she'd be disappointed if I got her anything else.

Then there's my Dad. He has always slapped tons of cologne over his face and chest, as part of his morning ritual. I tell you, you can smell him coming! No one could ever be mistaken about his obsessive love affair with cologne. We've all tried to theorize about his compulsion to overdoing it. My sister thinks it makes him feel young and virile. I think his nostrils don’t work so well and my mom, well she just gets irritated when Dad doesn’t believe her when she says he reeks. The easy part of picking out cologne for my Dad is that he enjoys a variety of scents. So, once a year I head for the men’s counter and smell oodles of fragrances to decide which smell I'd like to overdose on when I visit Dad.

After my shopping is complete and the presents are wrapped in my favorite paper with pretty bows and ribbons I feel happy and complete. I really do love to give gifts and although the hunt can be laborious, it is definitely worth it all when I see the grins and grateful twinkle in the eyes of the people I love.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making your House a home

Have you ever looked around your home and wondered, "Where do I begin?" Aunt Margie's pink rocker sits in the corner by an antique table you found at a garage sale. The whole house looks like a mish mash of collections that have no cohesiveness. Are you ready to make your home a reflection of you?

The First step is to identify your style? Not sure what your style is? I would suggest going to the library to check out decorating books or to the internet to find information on decorating styles. There are many styles to choose from. To list a few, there is Asian Décor, a Contemporary Style, Romantic Décor, English Country, French Country, Mediterranean, Rustic, Traditional and Victorian Style. Each style is unique and distinct. The question is which style reflects you?

After you have discovered the style that fits you, it is time to select the colors that will flow through your home. Colors are very important to creating an atmosphere. With color you can create coziness and warmth, style and chic, time honored traditional, elegance, romance or a crisp and clean look. A color wheel will help you find the colors that complement your style and communicate the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Staying organized is crucial. You will need to keep track of measurements for windows and rooms, drawings of room layouts, samples of fabric and wallpaper, a list of stores to visit and so much more.

Research and shop; compare and choose; touch and feel. Enjoy the journey knowing that your work will be rewarded with a home that truly reflects what you love and who you are.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cozy Comfort

My home is a safe place, a beautiful and restful respite from the world, a cozy comfortable place of beauty where all who enter know they are loved. 

I am a homebody.  My favorite place to be is wrapped up in a lovely, fluffy, welcoming throw, drinking hot cocoa as I chat with friends or family.  Don't get me wrong.  I love to go out for special events like Coffee shops, Church, movies and more.  But at the end of the day I want to go home to my carefully decorated lovely sanctuary.

Years ago I heard a Pastor say that the home is the woman's domain.  I liked that, I mean I really liked that!  I have always felt that my home should reflect me.  From the carefully arranged silk flowers sitting on the credenza to the temperpedic bed I fall into every night.  I love my home.

It is interesting how subtle changes occur throughout the years.  As I have grown and changed, so has my tastes and reflections of beauty.  When I enter my friend Sally's house I see Sally everywhere.  Sally's favorite color's was blue for many years.  Now she is has various hues of green and warm rusts running through her home.  Throughout the years I have seen Sally's home change and evolve into a Better Homes and Garden display of wonder.  Her beauty and sophistication is seen in every room.

My friend Cathy has a completely different form of expression going on in her home.  Cathy says, she loves junk.  What she means is that she is drawn to days gone by.  She loves antique stores and anything really old.  She has cigar boxes and old coffee tins displayed on a shelf in her kitchen.  If I had all of her 'junk' it would most certainly look like junk in my home.  But Cathy has a gift.  She displays those old time items in such a way that makes her home cozy and filled with comfort and charm. 

As I begin this blog, I hope you all will chime in with your ideas.  We are all were born with a creative bent.  Some have not yet found theirs.  Let's help each other discover who we are and what makes our home a cozy comfortable dwelling place.